Do all Crafter guitars come with a gig bag?

The majority of guitars by Crafter are supplied with either a High Standard (HSB), Deluxe (DLX) or Luxury (LXB) Gig Bag or a Hard Case (HC) depending on the model. The only guitars that do not come with bags or cases are the LITE and HiLITE series.

Standard (SB) and Deluxe (DLX) Gig Bags and Hard Cases can be purchased separately from Crafter dealers but the Luxury Gig Bag is only available with the Anniversary guitar models. This bag has an extra pocket for all your guitar essentials.

Gig Bag Specifications are as follows:
Standard Bag (SB):  8mm Padding, 600 Denier Material.
High Standard Bag (HSB):  12mm Padding, 600 Denier Material.
Deluxe Bag (DLX): 20mm Padding, 600 Denier Material.
Luxury Bag (LXB): The padding is a composite of 5mm hard foam sandwiched between outer layers of 8mm foam. 1680 Denier Material.

See Gig Bags and Hard Cases

Crafter HSB Gig Bag

Do Crafter advertise their products?

Absolutely! In the UK, Crafter advertise in trade, retail, online and in student magazines – most of which can be bought in WH Smiths or well known supermarkets. We also have social media pages for the UK on Facebook and Twitter.

International distributors also advertise in their own countries such as in the rest of Europe, Australia, Brasil, the USA and of course, Korea. Go to www.crafterguitars.com to find your international distributor.

I am a Crafter dealer, where can I obtain Crafter logos and images for my shop?

There is a Crafter Media Page that has the Crafter logo as vector files, banners and promotional images but you will need to contact the Marketing department at Sutherland Trading for the password to access this area.

What is the neck radius of my guitar?

The neck radius of most Crafter Guitars is 400 millimeters (15 ¾ inches). Our Classical Guitars have a flat neck radius.

I bought a used Crafter guitar from someone, how can I find out what it’s worth?

The best way to see what a used guitar is worth is to see what they have been selling for on popular used instrument sites, like eBay, Gumtree or Craigslist. Another alternative would be to see what guitars with similar woods and features are selling for.

Does Crafter make custom or special order guitars?

Unfortunately Crafter does not have the facilities to build specially made guitars on request.

What type of strings came with my SA/SAT hybrid guitar and can I use different strings on it?

Crafter SA and SAT models are supplied from the factory with electric strings which are used because the magnetic pickup responds the best to this type of string. Acoustic strings will not work properly with the magnetic pickup. Electric strings are not optimised for the acoustic under saddle pickup but the difference between the response to these and acoustic strings is negligible.

The gauges of the strings fitted at the factory are .011 to .049 and small changes to these gauges should not affect the intonation. However, if you use a set with a wound third string the intonation will almost certainly be out and you will need to change the bridge saddle. A suitable replacement is supplied with the guitar.

Is there an instruction manual for my electro-acoustic guitar’s preamp system?

An instruction manual for Crafter guitars, which includes general instructions for Crafter preamps, is shipped with all new Crafter guitars.

You can find a PDF copy on this website  on the Downloads page.

There are preamp manuals that can also be found on the Crafter Guitars International website here.

What is the difference between the Crafter SA and the SAT hybrid guitar models?

The differences between the SA and the SAT relates to the pickup and electronics. These are:
SA Pickups – LR Baggs Element undersaddle acoustic pickup plus a lipstick style single coil.
SAT Pickups – LR Baggs Element undersaddle acoustic pickup plus a Kent Armstrong P90 style humbucker.

The SA features a preamplifier fitted to the top bout of the guitar with controls for bass, mid, treble, volume and a blend control. The outputs of the pickups are mixed and blended together after which the volume and tone of the blended sound is processed and sent to a single mono jack output.

The SAT has rotary volume and active tone control for each pickup and the outputs are sent to a stereo output jack so that each pickup can be routed to its own amplifier. If a standard mono jack cable is used the outputs of the two pickups are mixed and the mix (or blending) can be controlled with the volume controls of the two pickups.

Does Crafter make guitar accessories?

Yes, Crafter make a variety of guitar accessories under the Crafter, Ashland and Cruzer names. They make tuners, guitar stands, capos, bridge pin remover tools, string winders, cleaning cloths, guitar cases and gig bags.

Where can I purchase a Crafter guitar?

You can try out and purchase a Crafter guitar from any of our authorised dealers in the UK. Have a look at our dealer list to find a shop near you.

Where can I find replacement parts for my Crafter guitar?

If you need a spare part for your guitar, Crafter can supply you with the following products. Please contact Sutherland Trading for the parts you need. (UK Customers only)

  • Scratchplates
  • Machine Heads (Acoustic and Classical)
  • Bridges
  • Bridge Pins
  • Cables
  • Nuts
  • PreAmp Packs
  • Saddles
  • Strap Pins

How do I change the strings on my guitar?

If you’re finding that the sound of your guitar isn’t as bright or loud as it once was then you may need to replace your strings. If you are unsure how to do this, have a look at your Crafter guitar manual that came with your guitar. If you are missing this, you can obtain the PDF instructions from our downloads page.

  • When changing the strings, we recommend that you remove and replace one string at a time so as not to disturb the way the bridge is seated.
  • Don’t use heavy gauge strings as the high tension they exert on the neck, bridge and top could result in damage to the instrument.
  • Never try to fit steel strings to a classical guitar. The tension exterted by steel strings is much greater than that of classical nylon strings.

Where should I keep my guitar when I’m not playing it?

Natural woods require an environment with stable temperatures and humidity. Ideally, you should keep your guitar at room temperature between 20°C and 25°C (68° and 77° Farenheit) and a humidity between 45% and 55%. Keep your guitar in its case, if supplied, to keep it protected from any accidental knocks or bumps that may damage it.

Where are Crafter guitars made?

The majority of Crafter guitars are made in South Korea with a smaller number of budget guitars made in China, specifically the Silver Series. South Korean made guitars are built in Crafter’s state of the art manufacturing complex in Yang Ju which was opened in 2009.