Crafter Anniversary Models – A History

Every year since Crafter’s 30th Anniversary, Crafter has designed a new decorative Anniversary guitar model*. Building upon their reputation for beautiful abalone and wood inlays, each guitar is sketched, designed, cut and hand crafted into each guitar. Some Anniversary models are only available for a single year and others are brought back due to popularity. Previously available in two options: Bubinga or Rosewood back and sides with solid Engelmann spruce tops. Now available with solid backs (Mahogany or Rosewood) and the addition of ‘PLUS’ in the model name to indicate a premium solid wood construction.

*Except for in 2003 when the Special Edition GAE45 ‘Tree of Life’ design was introduced.

Crafter Pegasus (2013)

41st Anniversary

Crafter Pegasus (2013) Anniversary Guitar

Crafter Pegasus (2012)

40th Anniversary

Crafter Pegasus (2012) Anniversary Guitar

Crafter Crane Birds

39th Anniversary

Crafter Crane Birds (2011) Anniversary Guitar

Crafter Wildwood Flower

38th Anniversary

Crafter Wildwood Flower (2010) Anniversary Guitar

Crafter Sunrise

37th Anniversary

Crafter Sunrise (2009) Anniversary Guitar

Crafter Wild Deer

36th Anniversary

Crafter Wild Deer (2008) Anniversary Guitar

Crafter Salmon

35th Anniversary

Crafter Salmon (2007) Anniversary Guitar

Crafter Peacock

34th Anniversary

Crafter Peacock (2006) Anniversary Guitar

Crafter Windsurfer

33rd Anniversary

Crafter Windsurfer (2005) Anniversary Guitar

Crafter Twin Bird

32nd Anniversary

Crafter Twin Bird (2004) Anniversary Guitar

Crafter ‘Tree of Life’

Special Edition (Not Anniversary)

Crafter Special Edition 'Tree of Life' (2003) Guitar

Crafter Moonlight

30th Anniversary

Crafter Moonlight (2002) Anniversary Guitar